Flexible Film Photopolymer

It combines an engraving technique with high resolution optics (4,000 dpi) in the CDI machine, with the exclusive dithering andPoint Flat technologies .

This results in excellent print quality and simplified platemaking. The high-resolution optics ensures more natural gray levels, a sharper engraving of text and lines, as well as a better definition of the screen dots.

As for in-line printing to the extruder, we supply anti-ozone technical photopolymers.

Corrugated Cardboard Photopolymer

Crystal flat dot digital photopolymer, recommended for high definition printing on coated, minimum stable dots, depth in images and ink transfer with high density.

Labels Photopolymer

Crystal photopolymers specific for UV inks, precise and stable zero shading, no more downtime, ink savings by obtaining optimal densities with low volume anilox.


Accurate registration and precision of execution
.The precision cliché mounters with”tirabozze” close the production cycle ensuring the pre-assembly service for printing on corrugated cardboard.